Orbs of Alchemy  v.1.0

Enter a land of ancient mysteries and alchemy with this amazing puzzle game.

Orbs Away!  v.1.2

Orbs Away!


Orbs Match  v.1.3

Orbs Match is a fun and very addictive game for match-3 lovers!

King of Orbs  v.

Point your finger, my Lord,

Time Command

Time Command takes you through several different periods of time in which you protect Time Orbs from a villain named Draconius. Your enemy has control of the most powerful animals, people, and weapons of each of these time periods and will use it all to

Aveyond: Gates of Night  v.3 2

Aveyond: Gates of Night is the second part of the Orbs of Magic series. In this case, you must help Mel find the Orb of Light to defeat the vampire Gyendal who wants to turn the whole world into darkness and evil.

Treasure Fall  v.1 4

Treasure Fall-Shareware 1.4 is a match-three game with a medieval atmosphere. The goal in this game is to match three or more identical symbols (cauldrons, rings, magical books, diamonds, orbs, crowns, gold coins, etc.).

Paradoxion  v.1 1

Paradoxion is a true gem for those who like to solve challenging logic puzzles! Core rules are simple - each level you must clear the board of all elements (like Orbs and Gems) using inventory contents.

NewBlue Light Blends for Windows  v.1 4

NewBlue Light Blends is a collection of truly original and dazzling techniques that will electrify your story with stunning light flairs, orbs, rays, strobes and more.

MBSS Light  v.3 1

MBSS Light is the combination of math, color, motion, and creation. Travel through a universe filled with brilliant orbs of light.

StartOrbz  v.Build 02222010

StartOrbz can customize your Start button with the help of this tool. StartOrbz is a very easy-to-use, convenient piece of program designed to enable you to create Windows 7 Start buttons. StartOrbz Features: * It creates perfect alpha bitmaps * Orbs

Nucleus: EOC  v.

Nucleus: The Element of Color is a simple, pick-up-and play match-three puzzle game. Catch falling colored orbs in the ringed lattice, match their red/green/blue color components,

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